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Our individual and group interview preparation workshops for graduates is an exciting new initiative which we care deeply about.

We help students and graduates prepare for structured, competency-based interviews which will empower them with the insight and skill they require for success at upcoming interviews and future leadership development. Being able to ask the right questions is as important as how one responds to interview questions.

Our workshops include :

  • Interview preparation
  • Effective job searches
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • How to find the right job and avoid the wrong one
  • Salary negotiation during the interview and selection process
  • Mock interviews
  • Professional profile optimisation
  • Addressing individual challenges

Graduates: We will work with you, guide you, and help you turn a complex, stressful interview into a positive conversation and experience. Flexible programme options are available: in-person, via telephone or Skype. For more information about our interview preparation workshops, mock interview for upcoming interviews or professional profile sessions contact us at

Special Offer

All registered students qualify for a 25% discounted rate